What Are The Materials Used In A Main Door?

The main door is extremely important to make a good first impression. It is important to keep in mind the practicality of the doors and the overall aesthetic. The color, looks, and material are key aspects to consider when selecting the main door.

main door

Types of doors based on material

The list below contains the different materials that are used to build the main door:

  • Timber doors:Timber doors can be made either from hardwood or softwood. They are durable and can keep the house warm. The price of this door depends on the quality of the wood.
  • Veneer doors: These doors are more affordable than timber doors. However, since the material is cheaper, a difference in quality catches the eye. Additionally, they require maintenance since they are susceptible to moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Aluminium-reinforced PVC doors: These doors are usually a bi-fold or slide-and-swing. They also are resistant to extreme temperatures, high humidity, stress, and pests. Because of their smooth surface, they can be maintained easily. They also come in different styles and designs.
  • Laminate doors: Laminate doors are durable and resistant to shock. They also boast good insulation properties and various colors and textures of the coating.
  • FRP doors: Fibre-reinforced doors come in different colors. They are lightweight and require little maintenance. They are also resistant to weather conditions.

Choosing a door is a crucial process. However, there are a variety of doors, each with its fair share of features. Ultimately, it depends on your budget and choice of aesthetic.